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Portable, Launchable, Stable

The OMNI Rowing T1X have fold-in riggers making it easy for you to transport and launch. Built-in, tapered long delta keel makes it easy to launch from any beach or dock without the need for slings. OMNI Rowing boats are designed for performance, stability and safety on open water and flat conditions giving rowers the absolute pleasure to explore varied coastal environments with confidence.

Are you ready for a BIG UPGRADE? Row OMNI T1X beginning spring 2015!

It was time and we've built the next-generation, cutting-edge, gold standard touring class open water and coastal rowing shell!  Available in spring 2015, the OMNI T1X is 19' long with significant design updates to maximize speed and performance in the roughest of conditions of off-shore racing.   We've modeled the OMNI T1X after the best features of U.S. manufactured open water shells and built-in the efficient, self-bailing open transom found in all European built Coastal Rowing Shells.  You'll find the slightly uplifted bow shape slicing through chop with ease, the self-bailing open transom efficiently shedding water against the roughest conditions; the long, tapered built-in keel tracking well and the hull shape & stabiity necessary to catch, lock-on and drive past the competition in the roughest of open water stretches. Meeting the maximum length for Open Water Competition Touring Class shells at 19', the new OMNI T1X is light, stiff and ready to deliver optimal performance for our most competitive endurance rowers and a boat to last a life-time for recreation and fitness rowers. 

Coastal Rowing For Recreation

Open water rowing is the ideal way to refresh your mind and body through an activity that allows you to escape and connect. You will escape the busy, noisy clutter of life. You will escape from your responsibilities for a while. You can connect with other rowers, friends, and family. You will connect with nature. Most importantly, rowing allows you the opportunity to re-connect with yourself.

The water’s fine!

There’s no better place to have fun than on the open water. Whether you want to row a distance or cruise along the coast at a leisurely pace, rowing an OMNI T1X is the way to go.

Peace of mind

Open water rowing relieves stress and allows you the opportunity to remove yourself from the world around you, to connect to the calm and quiet of the sea, and to meditate through the rhythmic, repetitive motion of your stroke. Feel the power of your body, regulate your breathing, fill your mind and spirit with the calm that comes from low impact exercise combined with nature and the healing benefits of being outdoors.

Commune with nature

All your senses can be expanded through outdoor recreation. Enjoy the scenery and sounds on the water. Feel the clean air as it fills your lungs. Let the warm sun provide you with the vitamin D your body needs. Remove yourself from the constraints of technology and discover the vast and valuable resources outside.


Open water rowing allows you to hit the water alone or with a partner. It’s a great way to connect with family and friends. Join an open water rowing club, a rowing team, or sign up for rowing activities. Interested in learning where other people are rowing and joining in? Rowing For All participates in, and has an active presence on, We will sponsor your local meet up group and consult with you to get it started if you don’t know how. Simply contact Maryellen Auger to co-organize your group and develop more opportunities for rowers to get together and do what they love!

Have an open water adventure

Whether your idea of an adventure is an hour alone, away from the demands of life and work, or a longer, more organized trip that involves meals, maps, and motivation – rowing is the perfect solution. If you’re on the East coast, sign up for one of Rowing For All’s open water adventure trips!